Joyful Dumbo Charm

Joyful Dumbo Charm

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This delightful charm showcases the endearing character of Dumbo, the lovable elephant from Disney's Dumbo. Dumbo is depicted in a standing position, with his iconic ears spread out and his trunk extended, exuding a sense of wonder and joy. The charm captures Dumbo's signature smile, radiating warmth and happiness. To add a touch of elegance, the charm features a cubic zirconia delicately placed on the end of Dumbo's trunk, sparkling with subtle brilliance. Dumbo is also seen wearing his classic yellow hat, but in this charm, his hat is specially plated with luxurious 14k gold, lending a touch of sophistication and glamour to the design. With its attention to detail and the combination of Dumbo's endearing features, the sparkling cubic zirconia, and the gold-plated hat, this charm is a charming representation of the beloved Disney character, perfect for any Dumbo or Disney enthusiast.


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Customer Reviews

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Edwin O.

love it but the stone fell out on the first day my wife wore it


Like the charms. N received it fast

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